N.O. Wednesday


Two pages of photos here.  Just click on "next" when you get to the bottom, and you'll be alright.


Here's Pauluette from our hotel, the Maison Dupuy.  Upon hearing of my profession, she requests a "shout out" from TV some day.  I get a photo for my website so I can at least do that; I'm afraid I might forget her by the time I get on TV, or (more realistically?) never make it to TV!!!


The view from our breakfast table.  Paul and I were walking along the streets looking for a breakfast place, and both decided that this place looks excellent.  And it is.  I have the waffle.


A view of skyscrapers from the French Quarter.  Two eras, side by side.


Daytime Bourbon Street.


A fellow photographer.   The French Quarter is as rich in atmosphere during the day as it is at night, but it's a slightly different atmosphere.


Street entertainer!  We actually saw this guy earlier, on his way to work.


Bluegrass in the middle of the street.  Complete with spoons and washboard.  Cool.


One of their dogs.


On to Jackson Square.  Paul says it's a lot busier on weekends.  But one still will have no problem learning of his or her future.


A neglected street vendor outside the shops -- some of which are closed.


A man playing three guitars!  And he's GOOD!!!  We (Paul) tip him a fin.



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