N.O. Tuesday


New Orleans French Quarter view from a second story hotel room.  I haven't yet begun to explore the city.  Dusk.  Cloudy.


Heading down to Bourbon Street.


A crazy guy with a cool sign.  The perfect example of this city's personality.  As soon as he sees my camera out, he runs to me, insisting that he take a photo of Paul and me holding his sign.  So he can then demand a tip, of course.  Notice he's quick enough to make sure I don't get a decent photo of the sign, myself.


Now for some dinner ... lovely regional cuisine in store.  Here's the man at the restaurant's entryway.



Appetizer and entree.  Yum!!!


Next, I've got to go to the famous Pat O'Brien's.



Pat O'Brien's is really just a courtyard.  Left is heading into the courtyard, right is the view from my seat. 



The flaming fountain while lit with blue; a palm tree against the overcast sky which is beginning to drip on us.


The other way into Pat O's leads out to a side street housing this voodoo shop (right) and cigar shop (left), which we check out.


Now up for a balcony view.


But not much action on the street below.  Some folks with umbrellas.  Next comes downpour.


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