After a well-spent afternoon at Acadia National Park, I head "home" for a well-spent, final evening at my beach campsite.


Disappointedly, this photo doesn't turn out well.  What it is, is a McDonald's sign advertising lobster rolls, which, yes, is on their menu up here.  This, I pass on my way home.


Back at the campground, I run into my new friend, Abbey, again.  She's a lovely Beagle - Jack Russell mix.  Yes, her tail is always a blur.


Oncoming dusk coloring the beach view.


An evening walk on the beach.  Colors over the weedy rocks.


My favorite photo from the campground.


Looking up towards my campsite.  It's towards the left of the photo.  Don't bother looking; you can't see my tent from here.


Life on the beach.


More colors coming from the sunset.


Now back to spend time with Abbey.


And Abbey's owners, my new friends Sue and Jeff, very cool folks who are about to uproot from Ohio and move to Maine, because they came here for the first time last year and decided it's so beautiful, they must live here.  I grab my merlot and the rest of my cigar and we sit on the deck and chat until dark.


Meanwhile, Abbey, most of the evening, is fascinated with some non-existent thing in the flowers.


I head back to my camp, build a fire, cook dinner, and am invited over by my neighbors to play "go fish."  This invitation occurs as father and son are playing cards, son skunks father, father complains loudly, and I then laugh loudly at loudly complaining father.  After invitation, son beats me and his dad, but we at least don't get skunked.  Here are my neighbors (from left): Evan, Bonnie, John, and Emme (who's growing her hair really long to donate to Locks of Love).  Bonnie and the kids are imitating Curly (of the Stooges - we are all fans) here; it's the finger snapping!


Now for another amazing moonrise, which I'm ready for, because each morning here, the campground delivers the daily paper from nearby Bangor (the town where Stephen King lives), and it's got the weather, sunrise, etc. in it.  I watch with Bonnie, Evan, and Emme.


More of my moon.


And the next morning, I awake to my Bangor paper and Bay view again, then pack up my site and head on my way.  I can't properly describe how glad I am that I took this detour to a gig, and how proud I am of myself for once again assuring myself of, and treating myself to, such an awesome experience.  I could stay here on this beach so much longer, or stay in Maine longer, or continue my vacation across New England, but it's time to head to work.  All is well, though.  I'm thrilled, fulfilled, and have some outstanding additions to my collection of memories.  And there are endless adventures still ahead of me.


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