More from Acadia ...


Sand Beach.  Very, very, very crowded.  This is THE beach for swimming in the park.


The view out from Sand Beach.


Between Sand Beach and Thunder Hole, I park my car at the edge of the road and catch a great view of the rocky cliffs making up this chunk of coastline.


Same view.  Now I find a little dirt path and nose my way down to the rocks.


Here I'm dangling off the rocks for some great photos!  Of course, it's the view itself, and the sounds of the ocean, that are the best.


More from my perch.  This is one place in the park where I can sit alone on this busy tourist day.


A long, steep way down to the water.


And more from my perch.


Me in Acadia.  I could sit here all day!


I love this one, not because of the bird turd in the foreground, but because of the waves breaking on the rocks in the background.



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