I hang out at camp long enough to give the bulk of the tourism mania at Acadia National Park a little time to thin out.  Then I head up the coast.  These are photos from along the way.


I stop on the way at a scenic overlook and photograph this bridge.  You can also see a town just past is ... all white buildings.


Same overlook, looking downstream.


Driving across the bridge seen from the overlook.


I need a meal, and I need an interesting place for it.  This will do.  I love the sign.  Check out how happy the cow is that they're roasting a pig.


The view from my table.  Ahead is the pit where the boil the lobster and grill the ribs.  To my left is the screened in area for the bar and evening crowds.  I indulge on the largest half rack of ribs I've ever seen, preceded by yummy clam dip.


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