Cape Cod


I decided that a trip to Cape Cod was a necessity for my New England tour.  I chose Provincetown as my particular, because it's supposed to be a quaint, old-school Cape Cod town, plus there's a campground in the residential area, easy walking distance to all the shops and bars.  And yes, I've got shopping and bar-hopping in mind.  Three pages of photos here, click "next" as you get to the bottom of each (except for the last one, because there is no "next," because it's last, so there's no "next.")


This is pretty much my entire campsite in Provincetown.  Very tiny, but private, and really, who cares?  I spend very little time here.  Besides a brief meal and a brief nap, I only plan to pass out after I stagger back from the bars.


I arrive early, quickly pitch my tent, then walk downtown.  This is my first view of the sailboats in Provincetown Harbor of Cape Cod Bay. 


A closer look.  At this point, I believe I'm trespassing on a private deck for nearby apartments.


A nice pier view.  And check out the black dog.  There are a lot of dogs in Provincetown.  Big, real dogs!  Walking the streets with their owners, wading along the beaches.  Great atmosphere for a dog-lover like me.


Provincetown Town Hall, and many people walking about on this beautiful summer day in peak tourist season.  The castle-looking structure in the background is part of the Pilgrim Monument.


Daytime street atmosphere.  Provincetown is a neat mix of classy galleries in historic buildings and cheesy tourist junk stores.  I love it all!!!  What a great place to walk, shop, and pet dogs.


Town Hall from the side.


The Pilgrim Memorial Monument, up on a hill.  I don't hike up, but I do admire it from downtown Provincetown view.


Plenty of Lobster in Cape Cod!


This building is being remodeled to become the new library.


One of the many bed and breakfasts.  This is on the street skirting downtown and the residential area (residential where my campground is).


This is a small grocery store which I browsed.


Another bed and breakfast.



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