Burlingame State Park


The first stop on my New England trip is Burlingame State Park in Charlestown, Rhode Island.  I chose this because it's loaded with campsites, so I am assured accommodation before I arrive; because it's cheap, and I know I'll be splurging on future legs of my trip; and because it's a way to get me through Rhode Island, which isn't exactly on my way, but the idea here is to make sure I go to or  through every New England state; I also chose it because it's supposed to be pretty, and it is.


Here's the chunk of my campsite buried in the woods where I'm going to pitch my tent.



Just a quick walk from my site is the "pond."  The sky looks stormy, but it's a clear day.  Just a lot of haze.


Here's the first campfire I've ever built for myself.  Even better, all the wood is from home in PA; I gathered and chopped (mangled) it myself!


My sketch of the fire.  I spend this evening doing a little drawin', a little guitar-pickin', a little readin', a little writin', and, of course, some good cookin'.  Just a nice relaxing evening in the woods.


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