The I-Beam, Moorhead, Minnesota, December 7, 2004


Very rarely do I have to pay for a motel room on off nights anymore, as I have friends in just about every speck of the country.  To accommidate me between Platteville, WI and Aberdeen, SD, I ask my friend Jonathan if I can crash on his couch in Fargo, ND.  He says sure, but the condition is I must headline a charity show while I'm in town.  It's a benefit he's organizing for the Special Olympics, held at the I-Beam, Fargo/Moorhead's only gay bar, and I'm to be the main attraction of the show.  The rest of the show is drag performances, and Jonathan hosts (not in drag).  I do my longest set (by far) ever, spending an hour on stage, and I have a blast!  Great place, and very cool people.


On my way to the Fargo/Moorhead area, I see a big mouse with big cheese, a big wild turkey, and a big wild Nordic guy.


Jonathan's hospitality is outstanding!  Here he's fixing bacon for my full hot breakfast my first morning in Fargo.


It snows!  This is Jonathan and his best friend, Tricia, walking into the library.


Me with Jonathan and Tricia.


Me with the ladies.


This is Mark (right), one of the owners, standing with one of his bartenders.  Great staff here.