Courtney's Comedy Club, Moorhead, Minnesota, September 30 thru October 2, 2004


Friday morning radio @ 7:30 AM, me awake at 5 AM because of noisy neighbors.  ROUGH.  And it's very, very cold.  Here's me walking back out of the building after the show.


Holly Hensen, the headliner whom I'm working with.  She says her nipples are very hard.


Afternoon radio.  Classic rock station.  Tough guys.


Apparently I must have a picture of the top of Big Dog's head.  Big Dog is from the morning radio show.


Post-show mingling at the hotel bar.  From left: El (runs the show), Warren (hotel manager who handles group events such as weddings), Warren's little brother's friend, Warren's little brother, Jonathan (the MC), Corinth (works in the kitchen), the mystery woman who asked not to have her photo on the internet, and Ron from the audience.