required stay ... 


... documents how I spend my time Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: the nights I have shows.


Headliner, Tim Slagle, and his pipe.


Thursday night, Bengt Washburn (center) is doing a college show nearby, so he stops by to hang.  On the right is Jeremy, our MC.


Daytrip: Saturday, Tim and I eat downtown at Charlie's, and old school diner with the counter, and the pie, and the grilled cheese, and open-faced hot roast beef sandwiches, and breakfast all day, and anything you could dream of.  Mmmmmm.


I've often been invited to hang at the Blind Duck after the show.  Finally, I'll give it a try.  Mel, the bar manager, and her friend, Kat were supposed to give me a ride, but they leave without me!  So Leah drops me off on her way home.


Here I find the Air Force guys who invited me.  Dave (left), and Derek (right).


Here's Rudy, friend of Dave and Derek.  He's a bouncer.


After I win a dollar at roulette (gambling is legal in ND), Dave and Derek take me to the local late-night eating hot spot: the truck stop.


Dave's pile of breakfast.  That's country-fried steak hiding on the back of the plate.


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