Comedy Connection, Minot, North Dakota, October 16 thru October 18, 2003


The lineup (comics in black): Jeremy, me, Steve.


The showroom and stage, Friday night.


My home office.


Here's how Steve Sabo is really cool: when we go to Wal-Mart Friday, I spot the pumpkins and as if he wants to carve pumpkins.  He says yes!  So Saturday, we go back.  This is me rooting in the pumpkin box outside Wal-Mart.  Check out the guy in the background brushing his hands together.



Artist Christina at work.  This is being done in the hotel parking lot.  People were indeed driving by and staring.



Steve's injury, and Steve's sad pumpkin.  Note the bandaged thumb in the photo on the right.  Yeah, I played nurse.


After our pumpkin carving, it's time for hot cocoa and a game of chess.


I kick some Sabo butt.


The sun sets.


We light our jack-o-lanterns...


...and sit them in our windows.  That's the back of my pumpkin.


And here they are visible from outside the hotel.


Minot at night, as seen from the hotel.


A guy at the Saturday show telling us how he broke his foot and ankle in a drunk skateboarding accident.  Notice his mismatched crutches.


This is just part of the walk back to the room after the show.  Steve and I have rooms at the other end of the hallway.  This is a daunting task.


To finish up our autumn celebration, Steve and I head out for some pumpkin pie at Perkins.  Steve drives my car.  And he has to get through this construction.


He's mad at me.  And the pumpkin pie sells out 10 minutes before we get to Perkins.


This is a colossal structure I pass while driving southeast across North Dakota after the Minot gig.