rock 'n' roll:


I'm in Memphis, I'm an Elvis fan.  I have an obligation to go to Graceland.  But it's not just a mansion.  It's a complex of shops.  Endless souvenirs.  No velvet Elvis paintings ... this place is even more offensive.



It's ninety degrees.  Folks are lining up in a cattle shoot to be crammed onto a bus and marched through limited areas of the mansion on a guided tour.  With other people.  Crazy tourist people.  Like the woman I saw in the gift shop with her dog in her purse.  No thanks!  I walk across the street and photograph the gate and marker.


And I get a distant glimpse of the mansion itself.  Now I return to the gift shops and browse a book with photos from the mansion's interior.  I'm not a fan of guided tours anyway ... much more of a lone wanderer ... but this setup is extremely unattractive to me.


Outside the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum, we have a Cadillac.  But there's a plaque here specifically pointing out that this was not one of Elvis' cars.  Yeah, there are separate admission costs for the mansion, the car museum, the airplanes, the clothing display .....


"Elvis lives."  Sure.


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