Tonight's show is to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Memphis.  I get a photo of all the comedians in attendance.  From left: Sammy Marten (organizer), John Marks (organizer, booker), Daniel Hooper (closer), me, Michael Danziger (guest performer), and Shawn Mathenia (guest performer).



I hang out after the show while John and Sammy tear apart the stage, lighting, backdrop, etc (Comedy, TN has been putting their shows on at a Holiday Inn banquet room).  These guys work their butts off!


Then John and Sammy, gracious hosts as they are, take me out on the town.  Our first stop is Neil's, where Comedy, TN will be taking place from now on.  Notice the big smoker grill sitting out front (it's that dark metal heap next to the pole).


Inside Neil's, John and Sammy show off the fashionable disco ball which hangs above the stage in the showroom.


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