Saturday night:


Here's the lovely Cary London helping run the club.  He's also an incredibly talented comic.


The boss man, my very dear friend, Mike Diesel, comes by with his beautiful wife, Patience.


The girls!  An all female lineup: me, Chris Rich, Greer Berner (a touring comic from the area who shows  to MC) with Grandma and Patience.


Me with the lovely Cary.


Grandma autographs my T-shirts with me after the show.


After the shows, Gino and I grab my soccer ball  for our second night in a row of playing soccer with Don, a cool kid guarding the convention stuff on the lobby level of the hotel.


Gino - a well-dressed soccer player.  And yeah, the guy knows how to play (this being the world's greatest understatement).  He also kills me in chess two nights in a row.  D'oh!


The security guard shows up to ............. watch us play.


FYI, Gino is a very talented architect currently finishing up his education.  Check out his website at


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