Friday night:


The most notable thing about this trip is having Grandma with me.  She's never seen my show before.  She rarely travels.  And she's only stayed in a hotel once before, which was a very long time ago.


Grandma learns and practices how to use the card key.


Friday night group (from left): Grandma, me, Chris Rich (headliner), Sterling Krauss (MC).


Gus, an ex-marine, regular club patron, and good friend of Mike Diesel (booker, manager) with his sweet, cute, girlfriend, Karrie.


My company at Mr. Smith's (from left): Gus, Gino (food & beverage manager at the club), Karrie, and Chris.


Chris stuffs her face.


Gus talks ... and talks ... and talks ....


And our entire group.


When I get back to the hotel, the next day's papers are being delivered.  Hello back!


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