Wiseacres, McLean, Virginia, October 2, 2003


During an internet chat this week, my best friend Mark Matusof and I realize we're both home this week.  This quickly leads to plans to meet for dinner and comedy writing, and then head to Wiseacres (in Tyson's Corner / DC area) to see our pals and try out our new brilliance at the open mic.  We do much writing and have much fun.


I have the opportunity to meet my new friend, Marueen O'Sullivan, a very funny comic with whom I've only emailed up until now. 


After I get home at 1 AM, I bring out my oil pastels, which I haven't touched in 5 years, and smear out this depiction of a night-time drive between DC and Harrisburg with clear skies and a half-full moon.  Perhaps I should put the oil pastels back away?