downtown Madison - Friday


My new friends, the New Zealand bikers, happen to be in Madison on Friday.  So I meet up with my friend James, and we take a ride downtown to see the city.


Here's the Harley's speedometer, factory marked for kilometers per hour, hand marked for miles per hour.


Of course we're in Wisconsin ... and what are their two specialties?


Here's the entrance to the Comedy Club.  The club itself is on the third floor.


This is State Street, where the club is.


James is an officer in the Royal New Zealand Navy.  We visit a Veterans Museum.


The capitol building.  Madison downtown is laid out like an asterisk, with the capitol building in the middle, and at the highest point, so there's a great view of it from most main street.


And here's one of the views from the capitol.


The lake.


And a parking ticket as we return to the bike.


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