I climb down many, many stairs to get back to the lower streets.  This is a motel I pass on my way down to Main Street.



And finally, I come to Ste. Anne's Cathedral, which was once further north on the island, but was moved to it's current location.  It leans.



One of Diana's insistances was that I see the lobby of Mission Point Resort.  So here it is, along with one of its many fireplaces.  Outstanding.



Outside Mission Point ... the sign, and the yard.  The yard is LOVELY to walk barefoot (but avoid the goose poop).  Also by the yard is a mini golf course with a mini outdoor cafe and bar (where I sit for happy hour ... after eating some junk food on a lawn chair).  Even after a day of six or seven hours of walking and hiking, I'm still soaking up the pure joy of being on this island, unlike any other place, and so far removed from anything I have to worry about (which is ALL forgotten here).


My final photo on the island.  Now it's a couple candy shop indulgences, a pub indulgence, a souvenir sweatshirt, and boarding the ferry.  Whew!  Sad to leave, and I will return, as this is definitely one of my top ten favorite places on our good Earth (even with the ever-present smell of horse droppings!).



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