Many of the trails in the park are quite nice (left), and then there's those you almost make for yourself (right).  There's also wide, paved trails for horse-and-buggy tours.


Arch Rock, a popular hiking and horseback destination through the island's forests.  At the bottom, you can see the white-line edge of a road.  This is Lake Shore Road which circles the entire island (except part of the circle is Main Street); many people rent bicycles and ride the entire loop, which takes not much more than a couple hours.



I now continue my hiking to pass by some more mansions which are at the very top island, overlooking the lake and all the buildings below.



More mansions.  Again, all have names.


The view from these upper mansions.  Here you can see harbors, a BIG boat, a ferry, and the Mackinac Bridge.


Looking down again at that same BIG boat (fishing, I assume?).  The steeple of Ste. Anne's is in view.



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