The view from Trinity ... the lawn in front of Fort Mackinac, a thatch mission that is two or three hundred years old, the harbor, and the north end of Main Street ... more residential up that way.


A closer look at the mission.


The sidewalk along Fort Street, connecting the north end of the main area of shops (where the Pink Pony is) to Fort Mackinac at the top of the hill.  This is one of my very favorite photos.


Now I walk north, passing more mansions, heading towards more mansions, and heading towards Ste. Anne's Cathedral.



I stop at a coffee shop hidden in the back of a bed & breakfast mansion also holding an outdoor apparel and gear shop.  Inside the shop, I order a chai tea and ask if someone can direct me to the island's best spots.  I'm then taken back outside and introduce to Diana (right), who is digging in a small patch of garden.  She sits down with me, a map, and a pen (and my scrumptious chai which is delivered to me), and informs me about all her favorite places on the island.  I also learn some other facts, such as this year's graduating class from the island's only school consisted of a whole six seniors.



After my visit with Diana, I go back inside the cafe and have a seat at a window-side table.  The left photo is my view from the window.  The right photo is taken from the pier seen in the left photo.


Another photo from the pier: a photo of the cafe.


Diana encouraged me most to hike some of the trails in the state park covering eighty percent of the island.  In order to do this, I must make the hike up Fort Street.  This is looking down Market from Fort.  On the right are the government buildings.


At the top of the big hill, next to the fort, is this, the Michigan governor's summer residence.



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