Now I scoot up a side street to see what runs parallel to Main.  I photograph mansions again on my way.  I especially love this photo on the left, showing the white picket fence and the view of the lighthouse.


I also photograph one of the island's many signs directing appropriate bicycle parking.  I've not seen bicycle parking of this scale since I was in Europe six years ago.



Market Street is next back from Main.  Here you'll find government buildings such as this, the police department and City Hall.  Notice the garage door in the photo on the left.  Just before I get this picture, I catch the door open ... and catch a glimpse of one of the only motor vehicles on the island: the ambulance.  In the photo on the right, you can see historical site marker signs.  All the government buildings on the island have these.


This is peeking down a side street, seeing Main Street and Lake Huron.


The community center, and the historical site marker for Mackinac Island itself.



"American Fur Company Store," with Fort Mackinac in the background.  Take the time to read this historical site marker.  I actually remember reading about this in a high school history text book.


Somewhere between Market Street and Fort Mackinac: Trinity Episcopal Church.  I sit inside for a few minutes, but don't feel right taking a photo.  It's a beautiful old church.



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