Through the breezeway, and now on Main Street.  All traffic is pedestrian, bicycle, and horse-and-buggy, due, of course, to the ban on motor vehicles.  Main Street is rows of attached shops, galleries, pubs, restaurants, candy shops, and hotels.  All quaint, beautiful, and oozing Victorian heritage. 



I reach the north end of the main stretch where to my left I see Fort Mackinac up on the hill, and to my right is a harbor and lines of buggies waiting to be commissioned.



I turn around to catch the shops I missed, but first, I stop by the Pink Pony Bar & Grill in the historic Chippewa Hotel.  The photo on the left is the hotel's stretch of sidewalk.  The photo on the right is the view from my table where I have grilled tuna on a salad.  Yum!



I finish the length of shops and such and come out the south end of the main area.  Here I find Victorian mansions which are businesses, summer homes, and bed & breakfasts.  Mackinac Island is a place where all the houses have names.



Also down here is the public library (left), and a view of the Mackinac Bridge ... via a beach alongside a white picket fence.  I did say I love it here, right?



More mansions along Main Street.



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