out in Little Rock


Wednesday night, Mark takes me to one of his favorite local joints, the Dixie Cafe.  Awesome place for Southern food!!


Comics, staff, and friends taking over a bar.


Mark with our new friend, Jayn, who works at the club.  Jayn owns a horse farm, so she and Mark, the most passionate horse-racing fan I know, have much to talk about.


In a late-night bar conversation, I mention to Danny that the next time I get married, I'm going to get married by Elvis in Vegas.  Danny says that's a dream of his.  So we decide we should go on a road trip to Vegas and get married (to be immediately annulled) ... if we can collect enough donations for our trip.  This is a photo of Danny proposing.


Our first dollar.  We raise a total of $18 all week.


Danny calls his boss to say he needs off work because he's going to Vegas to get married.  We stick to our story all weekend.  Some believe us, some don't.


Mt. Fuji, the sushi restaurant just up from the club, where Mark and I indulge ourselves Saturday night.


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