the condo


Jeff, the club owner, is generous enough to allow me to move into the condo a couple days early so I can save on motel costs on off nights.  I am the first to meet the condo pet (the Little Rock condo is actually a pretty nice 3-bedroom/2-bath house).  As you can see, I'm searching the classifieds for a car.  Searched last week in Des Moines, too.  Mine has been costing about $300 per day lately, and it's time to let go.


Mark Klein, one of my best friends, and the headliner for the week, arrives and explores the kitchen.


Here I am with Danny "The Mexican Freak," our MC, who is a quite nice guy with a lousy stage name.  This is a pre-show pig-out.


I decide to make a pie for the staff.  At 3:30 AM Friday night.


I put the whipped topping in the oven to thaw it a little.


And Danny and I pig out again.


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