I buy a new car!


Danny drooling over a Corvette at a dealership while we're out shopping.  (Danny is continuing in his role as my fiancÚ.)


I find myself a car to buy!  No, I'm not going to show it on here, but just know that it's beautiful, flash, fancy, fun, and I STOLE the thing.  Woohoo!  Here I am running a victory lap around the condo because I can't contain my excitement.


And I say goodbye to an old, dear friend ... my 1997 Ford Escort ("Effie") which I bought back in the day when I had a husband, just before my stage debut ... on which I put 160,000 miles.


Last week, in Des Moines, it occurred to me I should have Mom dig up my car title and mail it to me so I can trade the old thing in, so I call her and ask her to send it to Little Rock.  It was a day my mother must have always known would come: the day she sends me mail "c/o the Looney Bin."  Mom's so proud.


By the way, the car dealer from whom I bought my car will continue to believe Danny is my fiancÚ.  I feel kind of bad about that.


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