Next Door, Kinston, North Carolina, May 4, 2005


By surprise, this week I'm reunited with Janet Williams, "The Tennessee Tramp," a friend whom I met when I first started in the biz, and whom I haven't seen in years!  By the way, she also happens to be very funny, very fun, and very sweet!


Here's Janet with Michael, the proprietor, and yet another great person.  He loves Janet, too.


Michael gives me a cigar from his private stash!  How cool is that?  And I have a lot of teeth.


Post-show fun ....  Michael plays DJ, we get some dancing, and yes, this is an actual man, actually dancing.  This move will soon make it out of Kinston, and be all the rage in New York, L.A., and Peoria, but it won't catch on in Chicago.


And don't miss the POEM I write when I stay over a day.  Just go back and click there where I typed "POEM," or back where I just now typed "POEM" again.  Or there or here where, again, I'm typing the word, "POEM."  There's four links now.  Work it out.