Best Western, Keene, New Hampshire, February 24, 2005


Look how HUGE my motel room is!


But why is there a peanut in the middle of my bed?


Pre-show, in the hotel bar, I listen to Shawn and Lenny.  Fun guys.


Here's the headliner, Jocko Alston, counts his cash after the show.


I quickly return to my room and talk myself into buying myself an early birthday present ... something I've wanted for my birthday for quite some time ... a plane ticket to Vegas!


At the same time I take a photo of myself in Keene, my friend Daniel takes a photo of himself in Burbank, California (where he is an "animator and visual effects artist" at a film studio -- isn't that cool?)  He's happy.  He just bought himself a ticket to go to Vegas with me.  You may recall Daniel from my 2004 birthday extravaganza.