La Crosse is about 930 miles from Harrisburg, PA.  I plan to drive until I can't stand it and find a cheap motel room.  My goal is to at least get past Chicago.  This photo is me past Chicago.  And since I have some lovely Starbucks Coffee from a service plaza off the turnpike in either Ohio, or Indiana (I can't remember!), I make it all the way to La Crosse -- just under 16 hours.  I check into the hotel a night early.

I write a poem during the 13th hour of this drive, somewhere around 1:00 AM CST .... check it out ---> "HALF FULL"


Here's how this road comic packs for a 3-week trip.  This is most of it.


The next day, a shot from inside the hotel.  A greenhouse-like pool and game area.  Very nice.


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