Holiday Inn, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, February 12, 2005


In the middle of my South Bend week, I have to leave for a gig back in Pennsylvania.  I booked the PA gig before the IN gig, thrilled because it was close to home.  Then I pick up the week at the Bone in IN and can't get out of the PA gig for the night.  So a 7-hour drive on Saturday, and a 7-hour drive on Sunday.  Woohoo.  And I didn't exactly have an early night in on Friday.


Every once in a while, I take VERY good care of myself, so room service!!!  A VERY good filet mignon dinner.   Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Also on the bill tonight is Ryan Dalton.


View of the stage ... from my seat on the floor in the back.  No greenroom at the Holiday Inn.


The headliner, Dan Ellison, lives in a camper with his beautiful dog, Elvis.  This is a lifestyle I've considered for myself, before.  Elvis is an AWESOME Doberman baby.


I discover a sample of the available entertainment in Dan's home ... peaking out of the VCR ... 2003 NASCAR.  Nice, Dan.  Nice.


And then Elvis yaks on the rug and cleans it up.