Sywanyk's, Jacksonville, North Carolina, August 2, 2006



I have documented gigs at this place a few other times on my site.  My three fans remember it to be a military museum posing as a private club.  LOADS of cool old stuff here.  I just photographed a couple things this time.


Tonight, I get to work with my buddy Phil Hogan again!  Actually, Phil recommended me for this gig, which I picked up today, because the comic supposed to be working got in a car wreck (he survived with little damage besides that done to his car and his wallet).


Some of Phil's family shows up.



A cool picture of Phil ... and a cool picture Phil takes of me taking a picture.


A cool MC, "Powder."


The worst worry during a show is a possible uprising due to the hot action of the Jenga games in the back.


If you're not into Jenga, there's always chess.  Here I battle Phil.  I cheat and win.  I think.


This is Phil's superior, Captain Phillip.


And this guy outranks them all.  This is Master Sergeant, Top.


By the end of the night, the boys teach me how to properly salute.