The Summit, Iowa City, Iowa, September 17, 2003


The Summit is a classy joint with some Sinatra tunes playing before the show.  Not a huge turnout, but a nice little crowd.  I don't take any pictures at the show.  I have no show the following night, so I stay over in Iowa City.  I go to the mall and to see a movie (Matchstick Men = very good), and then I get a couple photos, so as not to disappoint the approximately two fans of this website.


One of my activities was watching about Hurricane Isabel all day.  Here I am, safely dry in Iowa, watching what's going on back home.  I'm frustrated that there's little mention of central PA, where I know flooding will be awful.


Another activity is doing some laundry.  The dryer is pathetic, so I lay out my clothes on the bed to finish drying.  Here are my beloved Corona pants.  Which I bought while on the road, as it happens.  Of course, there's very little I DON'T buy while on the road.