Monday night


Monday is my first night in Milwaukee.  I head out with three of my New Zealand friends for dinner, and then we find that the restaurant is a rather happening place.  It is now inhabited by bikers from New Zealand, Australia, and Sweden - Kiwis, Aussies, and Swedes.  With a few Americans thrown in the mix.


In the white shirt is my friend Shay.


We called this guy the "croc man."  He's an Aussie, and on his vest is the skin of a crocodile that, yes, he killed himself.  In the right photo, where I arm wrestle him, you see me wearing an Australia hat.  Croc man gives it to me to annoy my Kiwi friends.


Every so often someone would hold up a glass and yell "cheers" - and the entire bar joins in a toast.


Here are the Swedes singing their national anthem.  They just got off a plane, and have been up for 24 hours.


Delirious Swedish guy.


Tattoo exhibition.


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