Chopper's ...


Chopper's is run by Chopper, who's got his comedy show sold out yet again.  Wonderful, wonderful audience.  Tonight, I'm co-headlining with Michael Whatule, whom I met at (and haven't seen since) an open mic in Pittsburgh five years ago when we were both starting out.  It was only the second different stage I'd ever performed on.


Here's Chopper, with his Mad Dog 20/20 in a brown paper bag.  Chopper is so cool.



Michael performing.


After the show, I borrow a camo visor from an audience member whom I made fun of for having it ("Nice visor, for when you go deer huntin' on the beach.  But it's got to be the beach with the trees on it.").  That's Michael Whatule with me.


Jermaine, who spends a good chunk of the post-show evening standing outside looking cool.


Me looking cool.


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