The Comedy Zone: Harrisburg, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, July 18, 2004


There are 3 pages of photos here to get through the day before we get to the club.  So just keep clicking "NEXT" on the bottom of the pages, and you'll get to see all 3!  It's as easy as that.


My mission: to show my friend, visiting comedian Keith Alberstadt, my home area, showing him things he cannot see anywhere else.  This is not an easy task on a Sunday when it's going to rain!


First on the list: Hershey's Chocolate World, with a factory tour ride.


Here's Keith at the very beginning of the ride.  He's nervous.


Animatronic cows are crucial for the creation of chocolate.




Now, back to the parking lot, where my stalled out car sits.  That's right, after 150,000 of road touring (in addition to the 20,000 miles on the car when I bought it), my girl has finally forced me to call AAA.  As we wait for the tow truck, Keith and I consult with an expert - yes, the Magic 8 Ball - to see the fate of my car.  All bad news.


Still waiting for the tow truck, Keith takes a nap.


Two hours after my initial distress call, the tow truck finally shows up.


After leaving my car off at my garage of choice in Harrisburg, Chuck, the kind tow truck guy, drops us at Grandma's, nearby.  We visit a while, have some ginger ale, Grandma shows Keith family photos, and then we borrow her car to get Keith's car and bring her car back.  Whew.


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