The Eclipse, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, November 29 thru November 30, 2003


Harrisburg, though few know this, is the capital of Pennsylvania.  And also my home.  Here's the capitol building at night.


I'm working with Tom Foss, who feels very out of his (West Virginia) element with the Starbucks-esque decor.  He's onstage in this photo.  Yes, there are sofas onstage.


I find Dave! -- one of my favorite old friends from high school.




After the show, Tom and I take Dave to The Spot for some grub.  The Spot is deli-ish and downtown and about a block from the club.


"Are you going to eat that?" Dave says as he eyes the measly scraps remaining on my plate from my cold cut sub.  I hand the plate over, and he licks it clean.