Chip-In's Island Resort & Casino, Harris, Michigan, May 22, 2005


I'm leaving from St. Ignace, Michigan, where I camped on the Lake Huron beach after exploring Mackinac Island on my day off.  Not quite out of town, I stop at a man-made overlook and get this photo.  To the left is St. Ignace and Lake Huron.  In the center (besides the big tree) is I-75.  On the horizon to the right, you can barely make out Mackinac Bridge.


The weather has graciously held off while I explored Frankenmuth, MI and Mackinac Island, but not to disrupt a tradition, it rains as I drive across the Upper Peninsula today.  Without fail, every time I drive across the UP, it rains.


I take this the day after the gig (note: no rain).  This is the "Resort & Casino."  And yeah, that's the pink pony.


My hotel room.  This is one gig that not only treats you like a human being, but actually treats you like you're important, too!  Hence the room with the jacuzzi and overlooking the casino floor.  It's the perfect place to be on a rainy day ... beautiful room, as much food as you can eat (on the house), and gambling, gambling, gambling!!!  I definitely leave with more money in my pocket than I came with (and not just cuz I get paid for my show).


Shannon Thompson, tonight's MC.  Great guy, very clever writer.


Headliner, Joe Lowers onstage, as seen via the sound booth.  The stage is en(half)circled by the bar.  Interesting setup.  Joe is a high-energy nutcase onstage ... and off.  Very fun.