Chip-In's Island Resort and Casino, Harris, Michigan, September 21, 2003


A dream come true.  I work a Casino-resort....

Here's a shot of the gambling floor.


I discover I have a room with a jacuzzi, which I must take advantage of!!  Look at all those bubbles!!  They get even poofier when I turn on the jets.



The whole no-candle thing was a disappointment.  I complied and extinguished my candles.


I don't notice this until I edit these photos for this web page.  OOPS.  Well, it DOESN'T specifically address bubble bath.


Oh, and did I mention free room service to accompany my swim in the jacuzzi?  I order a heap of fried stuff (free room service!).  But look, they put fresh, raw, healthy vegetables on my plate!!!  How dare they!!!


Yes, I have a room with a balcony overlooking the gaming floor.  And this is a polite advisory not to frighten anyone by ...


Me gambling!  Ok, so here's my gambling strategy:  I wander around taking my time finding a game I'm interested in, then I put a dollar or two in, and once I lose it, I walk away, or, once I win something, like $3, or $15, or SOMETHING, I walk away....then I wander aimlessly for a little while, looking for another cool machine, then I begin again.  And when I get up, for example say I'm up $20, then I say to myself, I'll let myself lose until I'm down to $10, then I'll quit playing.  Well, after I slipped my first dollar into a machine, I was up all night, and never had to quit playing....


David Hasselhoff on a video slot machine!!  How tacky.


Here's Tom Foss on stage during the show.  The stage is surrounded by a bar that horseshoes around, and then the people are sitting at the bar, and at tables behind.  The bar itself has video slot machines built into it.  And the rest of the casino is out there.  Not exactly the most accommodating setup for a comedy show.  But the show actually isn't that bad.  I enjoy my chunk.  Oh, and between gambling and the show, Tom and I sit down for dinner in the restaurant.  I have a lovely filet mignon, and yes, on the house.  Very, very hospitable venue.


Here's our other comic, Rich Molinari, and his 15-year-old Golden Retriever, Dave, whom he was kind enough to take me to visit after the show.


And after the show, I return to the slots!!  Here's where I turned a quarter into $45.  By the end of the night, I have turned my $1 into $80, and have had the fun of playing all day.  Woohoo!