Four cylinders,

a cup of coffee,

no sugar,

double cream,

is a late night ride and freedom.

The night is a dark fog

in which I can only see so far,

and I only have to worry about what I can see.

I watch the moon rise on the horizon,


beautiful enough for memory,

but too beautiful for a photograph,

and I understand how

it can draw the tide

as I feel it pull at my own breath.

My breath returns, and I yawn

a half-hearted howl at this half-full moon.

I hear the hum and

bear the bounces of the road.

If only I had something to run from,

then this would be the perfect escape,

but why reach for a reason for running?

Listening to old favorites from

Simon and Garfunkel

who kept me company when I was fourteen

and even then loved to be alone –

alone in good company;

I’ve got the company of the moon.

On my way to collect

more memories

as my soul ages,

but my age treads water on the moon’s steady tide.


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