Great Southern Birthday Tour Extravaganza, April 2 thru April 7, 2004


Mission:  How to spend my birthday.

One of my many great blessings in life is the incredible friends I have.  As a single adult, it is my own responsibility to make sure I have a great birthday - a difficult task, made more difficult by the fact that these incredible friends I have are spread all throughout the country.  After three failed attempts to have a great birthday while barely getting into my car, I have a last minute epiphany and design my "Great Southern Birthday Tour Extravaganza," in which I will go to see some of my very good friends and assuredly have a great time.  PART ONE is in WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA, PART TWO is in ORLANDO, FLORIDA, and PART THREE is in BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI and NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA.  And yes, I have the time of my life!!! with great thanks and much love to Wes, Daniel, and Paul.

Each picture below is a link to a chapter of my Great Southern Birthday Tour Extravaganza.  Click, click, click!