Pesto's, Grand Blanc, Michigan, January 15 thru January 17, 2004


A comedy club inside an Italian Restaurant; I never have a problem with that!  Especially when they're generous with their top-notch munchies.  If you ever get here, you must try the shrimp and parmesan stuffed mushroom appetizer.


I love this.  I could be staying at the lousiest motel in the country (which this isn't), and they'll still do this.


Snowed in on Saturday, I spend the day drinking hot cocoa, cross-stitching, and watching chick flicks, with an occasional glimpse out the window to see the snow falling.


The mountain of snow in the club's parking lot.


Killer icicles hanging from the club's roof.  Not as bad as the McDonald's down the street, though -- they've got 3-foot icicles dangling right over the door to the children's play area.



This is two croppings of the same photo.  I take this while sitting in the restaurant looking into the showroom.  I'm having one of my moments where I watch a show going on -- I watch a room full of people all laughing and clapping and banging on their tables, and I think how wonderful it is that these 100 or so people are all feeling good, all feeling good together, not giving a rat's rump about their problems, and how beautiful this is.  That's Tom Foss onstage.  One of the very best at making this beautiful thing happen.