GOLF in Spirit Lake!


The players:  Tom Foss, Dave Tryon, Dan Tryon, me, and Donnie Tryon.


It begins.  I must make it clear I played golf only once before.  8 years ago.


Can't you tell?


Here's Dan, the scorekeeper, who graciously recorded "4" as my score for each hole.


Big frog.  Big tadpole (bottom right)




The Tryon brothers.


Tom loses his ball.


Tom loses the bet.  Their target was the the sail boat in the middle of the pond.  You can see the pole just above Donnie's left arm.  The stake was a whole dollar.  That's a lot of money for a comic.


Tom's good fortune continues.  Here he displays the biggest kill of the day.


But this West Virginia man is still proud.


In the end, I win.  I scored a 4 on every hole.


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