The Funny Bone, Evansville, Indiana, August 26 thru August 29, 2004


I arrive in town a night early and take Thursday to relax.  Here's me cooking myself pasta salad.


The boys behind the bar at the club, Friday night.


Jeremy showing off his ....  Well, Jeremy showing off.  (He's one of the door guys, by the way.)


Here's Laban, another door guy/bouncer/sound guy, showing off his cool scar.


Me with Kim, the manager.


Friday night, I play poker with Bill the bartender, a couple folks from the audience, and my Snoopy cards.


Jeremy's popular.


Me dancing with one of the guys from the pizza place next door.


Saturday, I go to the casino boat to lighten my wallet.  Here's the view from the observation deck.


Sunday, Mike Armstrong (headliner) and I head to see the ponies at Ellis Park and have much fun.  I forget my camera.


Mike working his comedic genius onstage.  Note the captive audience.  Mike is one of the best comics, and one of the best people with whom I've ever worked.


There's me with Mike.