The Funny Bone, Evansville, Indiana, April 9 thru April 10, 2004


See my April 2004 section from Springfield, Missouri to get the background as to what I'm doing here this weekend .... 


Me and the boys at the Bone looking tough.


Laban, the man in the booth.


Milo Tremley onstage.


William Sloan playing to all his fans.


William Sloan taking a nap.  Notice his shoe on the right, and Milo onstage in the background.


Milo held at gunpoint by a bachlorette.


How I spend my Saturday afternoon.


Some damage to my hotel room door.  Yes, it was there before I arrived!!


Fun with the staff late Saturday night: poker, and then .... WINGS!!!


And an even later trek downtown to the casino boat.  William came along, but couldn't stay awake long enough for me to win my $10 back.