Tuesday, I go for a 3-hour browse of the Lakewalk and waterfront.  Then, showtime.


My boat seen from a Lakewalk veteran's memorial.


The Aerial Lift Bridge, and to the left, a boat that just came through.


Lakeshore view, with the lighthouses that head up the entrance to the bridge in the distance.


The Aerial Lift bridge rising for a small fishing boat.


One of the lighthouses.


The view of the other from the one.


Some of downtown Duluth.


The Aerial Lift Bridge, again.


Boats in the harbor.


Evening view of the water from outside the club.  You can see the Lakewalk boardwalk in the foreground.


I'm with Joe Lowers again tonight, and here's Jim Dandy, the MC.  Great host whom I met last year.


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