I have Monday off, so I arrive in Duluth a day early.  Just as I did last year.  Duluth is a beautiful city on Lake Superior, with plenty to do indoors and out, so any time here is always a pleasure.  Two pages of photos here, so click "NEXT" when you get to the bottom.


As seen from my motel, this big boat is parked in the lake during my entire visit.


More of the waterfront, and Duluth's famous Aerial Lift Bridge.


One of the entrances to the Lakewalk, which stretches for miles along Duluth's Lakefront.  It's my favorite thing about the city, and I love walking on it for hours ... it goes from my hotel down to the waterfront area of shops and restaurants ... all right by the bridge.


They Greysolon Plaza.  I love this building.  And it houses a Chinese restaurant which serves the best hot and sour soup I ever had.


Waterfront at dusk.  This is taken north of my motel (main waterfront area is south).  The "Fitgers" smoke stack marks the old brewery which now houses shops, restaurants, and the Tap Room, where I perform tomorrow night.


There's my boat, still out.  I'm out to see the moonrise over the lake.  Full moon tonight.


More of my boat.


And now, barely, the moon creeps above the horizon.  It's the red line on the right.



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