The Tap Room, Duluth, Minnesota, May 25, 2004


Lawrence and I have another night off before Duluth; we head out to snag the motel early.  We pass lots of big things.  Here's me with the big bear.


And me with the big fish.  Other big things were a lumberjack, a miner, a skier, a corkscrew, and more!


Tuesday, the day of the show, Lawrence does radio on 108 FM.


A view of Lake Superior near the club.


Where we're working: in the Fitger's building.


The show lineup: Jim Dandy (MC), me, and Lawrence Thomas (headliner).


Justin is kind enough to take me out to visit his girl, Lucy, after the show.


Wednesday is the first truly nice day I've seen since I left Tennessee.  The white specks here are sailboats.


Brain, whom I bumped into at the show (see 2003 Duluth for his scoopage) takes me out to one of his favorite haunts: the Buffalo House Bar & Restaurant.  Awesome place.  Awesome food!!!