Family Time


My gig at the Sanderling Resort is a Monday-through-Thursday gig.  The other Comedy Club is at the Ramada in Nags Head, and this is a Tuesday-through-Friday.  So Tuesday, my other housemates show up.  The first group of photos here is from Tuesday evening.


When I get home from the show, the guys have pork barbeque and offer me some.  The catch is, there's no barbeque sauce on it.  What?  So I pull some condiments out of the fridge and invent a sauce.  It was a big hit.


Here's the rest of the family at the kitchen table.  From left: Eric Deskin (headlining the Ramada), Leslie (owner/manager), Ed (owner/manager), and Keith Lenart (featuring at the Ramada).


Eric snags my camera and snaps this pic of me.

This next group of photos is from Wednesday evening.  Follow along for the stories.


Helping run the comedy show at the Ramada is Galina from Moldova.  Like many young people from Russia and Eastern Europe, she is here for the summer to work, as there are not enough locals on the Banks to work the tourist season.  She's never been "out" since she's been to America, so I work out a spontaneous, quick, "girls night" with Leslie.  We stopped in a bar for one drink and a look at the madness on the dance floor.


This hangs in the entrance of the restaurant/bar we attend.  I love, "After love, there is only cuisine."  Makes me think of a good junk food binge after a heartbreak.


Leslie and I return to the house where the men await us.  Eric, Keith, and I get out the Monopoly board.


I'm very greedy with my cash and real estate.


And I win!!!


Eric goes to bed, but Keith and I are up for another game.  I've figured out that Keith is the love child of Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins.


I don't do so well this time.  I get myself into unmanageable debt.


Hannibal Corleone performs his own victory dance.


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