On to the Tap Room for the show.  Duluth is also very, very beautiful at night (why wouldn't it be?), with a lovely, low-60s, breezy temp and the sound of the lake waves breaking on the rocks.  The Tap Room itself is a very cool place, and just as they are apologizing for a small turn-out, a bunch of eager college students pour in and make an awesome audience.


A view of the lake at night.  This is from the parking lot outside the club.


The venue: this is one way to get into the Tap Room.  Again, shot from the parking lot outside.


Here I am with Andy, the owner (left), and Brad Reeder, the headliner.


And here's Brian, a great guy whom I met in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and who came to this show upon hearing I was on the bill.



Another fan!


My motel at night.


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