random shots from throughout the week:


I get the coolest Microtel room in the world!


And I spend only $20 on food that lasts for the whole week, with not much nutritionally questionable.  Yes, I actually bought "Blast O'Berries Tasteeos."  Budgets can cause embarrassing things to happen.  They are GOOD, though!


Here's a group of cool people I hang out with one night.  On the far right is Jim Short, the headliner.  Very funny, very clever.


I get this photo one night after the shows.  The guys are sitting in the back as if they're a panel of judges.  The one standing on the left is Paul Lane, the owner.  Cool guy.


Another night, Jim and I go out and play some bad pool.


And then some bad darts.


I cheat.


I win!


To wrap up the week, I make a pie for Paul and the staff.  Paul loves caramel, so invent an adaptation of my chocolate pie recipe.  Part of the preparation occurs at the club.  The frozen drink machine makes a great mixer!  I finish the pie in my motel room.


Here it is.  Yum!


And on our final night, Jim and I go out with the girls.


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