I had no idea....  Duluth is one of the coolest cities I've ever been to.  It's basically a city built into a hill alongside Lake Superior.  The downtown is great -- plenty of shops, plenty of character, a mix of old buildings and new, short and tall, and a very pleasant walk.  Then there's the lakefront, which, basically, is down town.  The lake is incredibly beautiful, surrounded by some cool industrial buildings, bridges, restaurants, bars...  This is one of my new favorite places, and somewhere I could definitely live (if only my Mom were there....because I'd miss her, and living with her is CHEAP).


So here, a series of shots from my walk.  I take two hours and walk many blocks downtown, then down to the lakefront, and I walk back along the lake to the motel.


This is Windsor, a lovely three-month-old Golden Retriever pup I have the pleasure of meeting.  He is also better trained than most two-year-olds.




After I walk, I go back to the motel to rest and check out the 80ish beautiful photos I took, then back out for Chinese food (I have the best hot and sour soup of my life).  I take this photo on my way back to the motel.  I'll explain in order to prompt proper appreciation: think of the sort of people who tint their windows and drive big cars with vinyl think of how loud they play their music...hence hearing aids and window tinting available at the same storefront.






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